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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Melissa, Apr 15, 2001.

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    Ironic as it might sound, I got a job selling cars so I get to pull credit daily now. I am truly amazed that scores in the 500 are only in the 1% of people because it seems that almost everyone we pull has low scores and we are not the place that finances anyone. I work at a Nissan dealership that also cars high line used cars as well, ie Porche Boxsters, Mercedes, Jaguars and Audi's.
    Anyway, I haven't been around lately due to my new job. I work awful hours but I do love it believe it or not. I think I might make really good money at this and maybe being a beautiful woman is helping me. I am constantly being flirted with all day long. What an ego boost too:)
    Anyway, people can not believe I have 4 kids but I do.
    I haven't heard back from the bureaus yet so I don't know how my Junum is working yet but I hope I hear something soon. It has been one month so far since I signed up.
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    Re: My news(job related:) and

    So when you do inquiries - are these hard or soft inquiries? I was wondering if I can get more information possibly.. I plan on purchasing a car within the next 6 months. Is it possible you can email me? Thanks..

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