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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ohnostuck, Nov 8, 2001.

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    OK. More progress for me today. I checked my experian report and they deleted the wrong collection (there are 2 on there collecting for the same company). This is good because I just got a letter from the other agency yesterday that they would remove it from my credit report per the request of the original creditor (whom of which is not listed on either 3) My Transunion and equifax are still being re-investigated, but I consider this good because their 30 days is up on the 13th.

    I am working on both my report and my hubbys at the same time. His AU on my citibank was removed from all 3 bureaus. The judgment was already changed on experian and equifax to satisfied. This isnt really good but better then the not paid that it was listed before. His repo last activity was on 12/94, so that means it will fall off next month right? Or is it 7 years and 180 days?

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    They changed my judgment to paid also. But I have no idea why (was using ICR). What did you base your dispute of the judgments on?
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    Could you elaborate more on ICR? I was approached by a guy (at a fashion show at that) who was an independent consultant for them. He claimed that he could clean up my credit for $400. He also stated that they had the capability to send electronic updates to the big 3. Of course I'm not going to pay him $400 for squat....I just found it all rather interesting.

    Here is some info that is on his web site:

    O.k. so what is their "proprietary software process"??? I'm just totally curious. Did they work out for you? What was your experience?

    One day I was going to Target and there was this big sign that said: Credit Repair Help call (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I wrote the number down out of pure curiosity. Then when I found out about this ICR thing, I went to a part of their web site where you can search for a consultant in your area. I found this one guy and the number matched the one that I wrote down. At this point I'm totally curious. What is it that they can do that we ourselves can't? What's this "proprietary software process"????

    FYI....I didn't feel that it was appropriate to post this guys web site but if anyone wants to view it, email me and I'll send it to you.
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    ICR has been the subject of numerous investigation by various State Attorney Generals for violations of the Credit Repair Orgainizations Act. They claim that they are NOT a credit repair organization but that they provide financial education to their clients and offer the credit repair as a free service - the catch - you MUST pay for the education program first.

    Some links to information on this company:

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