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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saar, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. Saar

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    I've started building 10 months ago. I'm sure I'll get to 680 in a matter of months, because I've inflated my balances to make creditors report a "high balance" that's close enough to my true limit. Once I pay off my balances (easy, it's not a real debt), my credit utilization would be much better, and should bring me close enough to the 680 figure.

  2. Donna

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    My score is pretty close to yours. I'm at 641.

    You're doing great with your credit, though. I'm confident you'll surpass the 700 mark before the year is over.

  3. Darrell

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    Saar: How thick is your file? I was denied the Juniper card because I am a couple of months short on three years' history with Equifax. But I'm wondering about the Amex Blue now.

    Don't you have one of those? How old was your history when you got it? Do you have any knowledge about
    their requirements?

    My FICO is 730 but the best interest rate I can get is 12 to 14 percent.

    I wish you continued good luck in your credit-building.


  4. Saar

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    Thanks Donna :)

    Darrell: I did not get my Blue based on my US credit history, but based on my foreign ties w/ Amex. In my view, it is the best credit card in the world. Just apply for it and you'll get it. My Blue comes w/ 9.9% APR, which is currently Amex' lowest rate. Don't worry, even if you'd be approved for a Blue w/ a higher interest rate, there are ways to get it lowered in no time. Let me know when you get it, and I'll clue you in :)

  5. Darrell

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    Thanks, Saar.

    QUEEN_BEE Well-Known Member

    Buy something and return it.
  7. dimples1

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    LOVE that is to damn smart, how did you come up with that one. I would never guessed.

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