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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CiRcUs-FrE, Nov 6, 2000.

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    Hi everyone.. Just wanted to tell everyone about the situation I am in. I am a 21/m that has been a total idiot when it came to credit and I wanted to build credit way too soon. So every offer I seen, I took. So I was getting approved for low line Sub-Prime cards and the 1st one I had was CCB which is the only acive one I have now. And although there have been many bad reports and bad reps and I have had my ups and downs with them.They have always posted my payment within 3 days sometimes if I mail to their West Virginia address and there were alot of times that they waived any types of penalty fees. I mean.. Don't get me wrong.. I hate paying 22% for my APR and I can't stand half of their customer service reps. As a matter of fact.. I have ran into a few times where the Rep said "Hello" instead of "Thank you for Calling Customer Service...." you get the idea. But the point I am trying to make is that CCB is the only way for me to get credit with a good enough limit and being a risk. I messed up with Providian so they are out of the question. So I admit that I screwed up and now I am paying the penalty.
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    it's that guy with the 6th gra

    This guy always posts from a webTV and pretends to be someone different. (I sometimes post from a webTV, so what?).
    But he can't hide his identity due to his 6th grade grammar.

    "every offer I seen (sic), I took"

    Go back to high school!
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    RE: it's that guy with the 6th

    Why dont you try to help someone instead of being a ridiculous.
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    RE: it's that guy with the 6th

    "They have always posted my payment within 3 days sometimes" what the hell does this mean?
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    RE: it's that guy with the 6th

    It means if I go to the post office... purchase a money order.. fill out the money order... Mail my payment to West Virginia... FROM Maryland where I live... And I happen to do this on a Saturday... They will recieve my payment on Monday and it will post Tuesday about 3:00am... So thats what it means.

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