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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Jun 27, 2001.

  1. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    I just sent out another 30 or so validation letters and dispute letters to the CRA's. This is my round 2. Round 1, I was able to obtain these deletions:

    TU: 25 -> 10 negatives
    EXP: 24 -> 15 negatives
    EQ: 25 -> 9 negatives

    Hopefully round 2 will get rid of a lot of these as well and the final round 3 will take even more out.. I haven't received validation replies either.. a few incomplete, but that's about it.

    I can't wait till I can get my credit completely spankin' clean.
  2. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    .. oh, I also plan on sending another 3 letters out to the CRA's disputing duplicates again. I only have about 2 on each report now though.. so that should get rid of a few as well.
  3. keltexx

    keltexx Well-Known Member

    Ender, how much success have you had with getting duplicates deleted? I have some accounts transferred/sold, but the new account continues to list the same lates as the old...doubling the impact.
  4. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    I was able to delete about 4 just based on duplicates.. that was about 4 avg per report.
  5. tltrader

    tltrader Active Member


    What kind of repsonse did you get from the CRAs regarding the duplicates that they did not remove. What was the justification for leaving them in your file. I'm curious as I'm going through the same process.
  6. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    The ones they removed, they just put "DELETED". For the ones they didn't, they said that some credit companies allow people to have multiple accounts. if I have qusetions, contact them. That was their reply. Not very informative - but what else is new.

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