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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by magic-magi, Nov 3, 2000.

  1. magic-magi

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    I have changed my name resently, keeping same SS# . and i was trying to get a car loan thro a lender, and they said I have no credit histoy, even i have been building my history for 7 years, Does a name change erasses yr history, and what does cridetors get yr information with??
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    Have you tried obtaining a copy of your credit reports yourself?

    I would write a letter requesting the credit reports, and include a copy of your social security card and drivers license. (assuming these have been updated with your new name).
  3. Pat

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    no, you just talked to a STUPID lender. Unfortunately, it isn't against the law to be stupid, nor to deny you a loan because they are stupid.

    did you get a court ordered name change? or did you change your name via common law useage?

    in either event, get your credit cards, utility bills, paycheck, etc. changed to show your new legal name. Get a new social security card, and keep the old one. If you currently have a US passport, get the passport ammended to show the new name (it will also list your previous name), rather than getting a new passport.

    last, please state in which state you reside.

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    Illinoise .......

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