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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, Apr 16, 2001.

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    NanaC I heard this this morning thought about you.

    After a long and fruitful life Patrick Roy passes on, God meets Pat at the pearly gates to give him the grand tour of Heaven. After the tour God leads Pat to a modernly sized house in shabby condition with a faded torn Avalanche flag in the front window. God tells Pat that not everybody here in Heaven gets a house and this was his to spend eternity in. Pat looks at his house then notice down the â??blockâ? a beautifully three-story mansion with red and white sidewalks and a Red Wingsâ?? logo in every window. Pat turns to God and says. God, I have lead a good life, I won three Stanley Cups, I am the most winning goalie in the National Hockey League and I am not ungrateful in anyway but I have to ask why Steve Yzerman gets a beautiful mansion and I get this shack? God turns to Pat and says. Patrick thatâ??s not Steve Yzermanâ??s house, itâ??s mine.

    I couldn't stay up to watch the game, but I got the bad news this morning. Everybody, have a good day and a smile.

    Let's go Red Wings.
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    Re: NanaC ~ Off The Topic Agai

    ROFLMAO..that is hysterical..thanks for sharing..I will share (of course, I will modify it a bit for my family and friends)
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    Re: NanaC ~ Off The Topic Agai

    Ooops..fixed my name

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