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    I read a few post back about your offer and no "hard inquiry credit check"

    How is your experience with them and what is their website?
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    It was not a hard INQ but a promotional inquiry (marked as PRM which I believe is not hard). BTW I got a pre-approval...this was not something I initiated, so don't think if you go get an FNANB card you will not get a hard INQ, you WILL. My offer said on the application that I will not have my report pulled, they already had my fact I did not even enter my SS# just a code they sent me.

    How are far they are FREE :)) ...I have not received a statement yet and my online account shows all my transactions up to date but shows a due date of 00/00/0000 and a minimum payment as $0.00. I am going to call them and see what is up...I think I should have a statement by now. I tried to call and increase my limit and they said it is too I told the rep that I recently had several erroneous items removed from my EQ report and the rep said to send a fax of the updated report and he will review my limit ($500). I don't mind the low limit because I have other cards to charge on and the FNANB card is no annual fee, so if I pay on time it will essentially be free. After the first year it is no annual fee if I charge more than $2000.00/yr so I think I will keep it then too.

    BTW their website is

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    You have been more than helpful.

    Thank you--catch you next post

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