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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by T, May 2, 2000.

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    I am posting this message in hopes that someone can offer me advice on the rather unique situation that I will describe below.

    Four years ago I entered into an auto lease with NBD (now Bank One). The dealership informed me that my father would have to cosign due to my previous credit history. We agreed and signed the first of two contracts. The second contract was supposedly presented due to a mistake on the first contract. What the dealer neglected to mention is that the second contract now listed my father as a co-lessee. It was expained as a technicality and he would only be a cosigner. The payment history was only to be reflected on my credit report only. Needless to say, the payment book arrived with only his name on it. When we questioned it with the dealer and the bank the same answer prevailed. We were instructed to keep the payment book and continue without any further changes. Now four years later as my father is entering retirement he discovered the late payments that I was solely responsible for have damaged his credit report.

    At this point I am looking for any possible recourse to help clean up his report. I tried to have a conversation with the mental midgets at Bank One Auto Lease and they informed me that nothing could be done. They also informed me that the payment history was never reported to my credit report and they tried to get my ssn today. Nice try. They also eluded to the fact that the decision to place my father as the primary lessee was probably made by them and they did not have to offer us that information. I responded by letting them know that the lease was never signed by the dealer and the contract was misrepresented. Saying this I have hope of someone informing me that I will have some legal recourse. I am not disputing the perfomance of the lease, I am just trying to clean up his credit. I would appreciate any suggestions. Also could anyone recommend a credit card to obtain. I have damaged credit but not to terribly bad. I just bought a new car and it was financed through a local bank at a reasonible interest rate. Hoping this is an indication that my credit is getting better.

    Thank you for your patience with this windy message!

    T in Iowa

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