#@$^%$ NCO at it again!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ithinkican, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. ithinkican

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    Received a letter today from NCO saying I owe $353 to American Express. I have not had an American Express card since 1994 and that was paid on time and in full each month. I just settled a 2001 charge off w/NCO for a tiny amount, so now they are calling day and night for this AMEX thing. Obviously I will dispute...other than the fact this isn't mine, is it even legal to go after an account that was closed 9 years ago? SOL? What should I do? Nasty NCO knows I am cleaning up my credit and they are throwing all this stuff at me...this is now the 3 account that is NOT MINE!!!
    Any advice?

    PS...EQ Fico 655...up in two weeks from 645! Was 573 in May!!!!! Thanks, creditnetters!
  2. connorw

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    If I was getting that kind of harassment from NCO I'd be calling my attorney.

    I hate NCO. I had to deal with them calling every day for months looking for someone else. I told them "I have any idea who this person is, they don't and have never lived with me, I've had this number for years, stop calling me." Needless to say they didn't stop.

    If it ever happens again they get told once to stop calling me, then they deal with my attorney and a harassment lawsuit. No FCRA or FDCPA or CFDCPA violations, just one business harassing me looking for someone I ain't heard of.

    I had 2 things on my CR from NCO that could have come from billing errors, so I just disputed it with the CRA and they went away. But if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accounts were not mine I go straight to my attorney. I have zero patience for NCO.

    If they ever call for me it's a simple, "Provide me with the account number, my attorney will contact you in writing within 10 days."

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