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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by keltex, Mar 14, 2001.

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    OK, all-need some expert advice here. You may have noticed previous posts in my dealings with NCO regarding a debt that they had inserted onto my TransUnion Report after I had started the dispute process with them. I had just sent them the final dispute letter prior to taking legal action-they had not bothered to respond. Just pulled my Qspace report who used Equifax and note that the alleged amount is now listed under a collector known as â??Asset Careâ? in Dallas. It is listed as entered February 2000 (my latest report dated 2/20/01 was pulled todat pulled my report in Feb and this was not there). As you may remember, I was in the process of disputing this with NCO, and had just sent them the third and final warning letter. I was getting ready to dispute this with TU since NCO never acknowledged anything that I had sent them. This collection account is now on 2 different reports for a different creditor. Looks like NCO may have sent this back to original creditor who farmed it out again.

    So, I am at a loss. Am I back to square one with Asset Care? They were just inserted it looks like, and are reporting the date as Sept 2000 (original date was May of 1997). I have not heard one thing from them on this as of yet.

    Should I contact the original creditor? This is for an ER visit at a hospital that I used to work at; past experience tells me that since this is from over 3 years ago, the records have been shipped off to purgatory, so verification will be difficult. I disputed this charge with my insurance company when I initially received it. The next thing I know I receive a notice from NCO 3 years later.

    I know that 2 creditors cannot own this debt. I was almost at a point where I was ready to take my friends from NCO to court, as well as report them to the FTC and State Attyâ??s General Office. To me, this seems like a sleazy trick to extend time to verify or drag this out even longer. Thanks as always for your advice.
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    This sounds like typical NCO crap. I don't believe 2 collections agencies can collect on the same account. NCO may have transferred it to Asset Care. They tried to do that to me, which is why I am in litigation with them right now. Have you contacted the credit bureaus? From what I've learned with my journey, the big 3 CRAs are as digusted with NCO as consumers are, because they are causing lawsuits to be brought against them as well. I hate to say it, but court may be the only place where you will get satisfaction.
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    Wow, I never heard that they would use another name.. maybe they have subaliases or names for the subsidiaries in the company so when this does happen, this is how thye deal with it.. how do you guys know if the CRA's are tired of NCO's games as well? And will just disputing directly thru the CRA's help w/ the NCO tradelines?

    Regarding NCO, I've heard they are really a pain in the ass to deal with.. I haven't dealt with them directly via disputes, but from other people posting on here, it seems that way.. I hope I don't run into that trouble, because I also have NCO, Coldata, and Cavalry listed on mine..
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    YOu must live in texas.. i have NCO and asset care both on my credit report from hospitals too, they always verify when i dispute, but when i call and say i'm calling about my account they can't locate anything. i just got nasty with them tho

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    OK, gang here is an update. I called equifax today and was able to get the phone # for Asset Care. Asset care is NCO-when I called the # the phone message was "thank you for calling NCO..."

    So NCO has now put this on another report! This CLEARLY happened after I disputed!

    My plan is quickly becoming one where I am gonna file a small claims suit. I am gonna go ahead and dispute this with the CBs, but I think that I have had enough of this deal where they report withough validating, report the wrong dates, and dont respond to my requests. This has been going on since end of october 2000.

    Any other insights? Thanks for the replys so far-yes, Christi, I am in Texas!
  6. Ender

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    I know MBA9999 went through some type of court case with NCO already.. I have a similar problem with them as well, but also with Coldata, and Cavalary Investments.. NCO is a big PAIN..
  7. Ender

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    For me, Cavalary is doing the same thing as NCO and Coldata.. I am still in round 1 of disputing against the collection doing prove to me it's my debt.. so I need to do 2 more rounds, before I go the suing route..

    I wonder if I can just skip these levels and just sue directly because I am sure I will have the same problems as you and the others with NCO, etc.

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