NCO & EXP Creditexpert in cahoots!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by voodochild, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. voodochild

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    Probably not. I just hate coincidences like this. a couple of weeks ago I receive email
    Credit Manager: Alert Notification
    I thought to myself 'I canceled Credit Expert back in May when my year was up.' Curiosity got the best of me. What do you know? My password still worked and there was a new collection on my exp report with the date opened 8/03. I sent my letter to the CA and waited till I knew they received it. I went to check if by any chance they updated the trade line and Bam!....
    Your account is currently inactive. If you would like to once again pay us, we would be happy to let you see what we tell creditors about you.

    Just when I though I was on credit repair vacation , they drag my back in.
  2. crowmom

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    that is just too much of a coincidence if you ask me. you should just apply somewhere that only pulls experian and get denied so you can get a free report. I wouldnt give those ba$tards a dime.

    i went with credit expert when i first started credit repair, and i wish i hadnt because all my problems are with experian. when my membership is up, i will go with another service.

    also, another 'coincidence'... I sent an ITS letter to exp and they finally removed a TL. Suddenly I can't write checks anymore. I checked my Exp. CR and there is an old PAID BofA account (totally unrelated to the TL that was removed) that has 'woken up' and is now reporting as unpaid! I am sick about this because I had all my credit repair paperwork in a folder in the basement of my old home, and it got lost when we moved. :( I had proof that the account was paid in that folder. grrr.
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