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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lostinplac, Oct 25, 2000.

  1. lostinplac

    lostinplac Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Great board and insightful posts. I'm recovering from an auto vs. bicycle accident and straightening out the resulting credit nightmare of 9 months of hospitalization and disability. I'm on the mend and would like to know if there is anyone here who has dealt with NCO Financial Systems? This is in regards to a two-year old charge off with Discover, that now shows a Last Reported date of Sept. 2000.
    I would like to settle with NCO, but would like some comments, if anyone is willing to suggest some pointers. Thanks in advance, lostinplace
  2. will

    will Active Member

    I'm currently trying to resolve an issue with them regarding a charged-off phone bill. I have gotten nothing but problems with them and will probably just wait for it to fall off my credit report in two years.
  3. rc

    rc Guest

    have you tried disputing it. i did this and it was removed from all three bureaus.

    good luck
  4. me40501

    me40501 Guest

    I disputed their entries on all my reports and they all came off
  5. lostinplac

    lostinplac Guest

    Thanks Will, rc and me, for your responses. I haven't considered disputing the Discover entries, because they were updated on all three of my credit reports in Sept. 2000. I don't have any NCO Financial entries on my account yet, and would like to avoid any, if possible. NCO is the third collector, trying to collect on this account, so I'm wondering if their will be a number #4 (collector), to try to collect on the Discover account? me40501 wrote:-------------------------------I disputed their entries on all my reports and they all came off
  6. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member

    I had to go several rounds with this disreputable company. After finally getting my credit reports cleared up, I met someone on this board who went through the same thing. He took them to court and referred me to a lawyer in PA. (I live in NC) I have a class actions lawsuit pending and if you would like to talk about it, email me at
  7. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    How in the Heck did NCO end up with your discover account. My discover account is still with discover. But maybe that is because I settled the account with them. Who knows I could have been talking with NCO it was so long ago. But anyway, NCO ended up with one of my defaulted student loans somehow. They call, harrass, bugg the heck out of you. They lie and they are very unprofessional. I made payments to them until my loan was consolidated. They tried to trick a final payment out of me when my loans consolidated. I told them to kiss my a s s .
  8. lostinplac

    lostinplac Guest

    Good question Roni! NCO, is the third collector to try to collect on the Discover account. I stopped making payments on the account after a Discover account person, talked me into making a payment over the phone, only to debit my checking account twice. A few bounced checks later and the cancellation of my checking account and the subsequent chexsystem entry, left me without a checking account for awhile. Talk about kicking a person, when they are wounded, but not dead yet, well Discover was nice and all, but debiting my account twice, ruined me for awhile. So, the NCO saga continues...Thanks for everyone's responses. lostinplace
  9. mba in Pit

    mba in Pit Guest

    Nice seeing your posting, Newcomer!!!!!!!

    If you read about anyone where COLDATA did to them what NCO did to you, call me. Thanks.


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