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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mba, Apr 22, 2000.

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    Some people are denied credit and in trying to learn the reason, they are told that a company named NCO or NCO Great Trust appears as a creditor on their credit report.

    Some people request copies of their credit report and upon reviewing it learn for the first time that a company named NCO or
    NCO Great Trust appears on it.

    If this happened to you, I would like you to contact me as I am trying to determine the number of people that this might have happened to.
    Posted to this message board on Saturday, April 22, 2000 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    RE: NCO Lawsuit


    I have noticed a message further on the board that, as I expected, you have beaten NCO in court.

    Are you at liberty to discuss the particulars of the case?, damages?

    Are you attempting to start a class-action suit against NCO or TransUnion? Or both? Will this initially be limited to Pennsylvania?
  3. mba

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    RE: NCO Lawsuit

    My only interest is in seeing this practice nipped in the bud. Possibly three or four people will get together and file a class action. It would not upset me at all to see that happen.

    Perhaps you or someone reading this would be one of those people.

    I am named as representative plaintiff in a case filed as a class action here in Pennsylvania against a company known as As of this time, there has not been any class certification hearing. The Specter Law Firm in Pittsburgh is representing me (412-642-2300). They also were very much involved in the recent settlement of a class action claim lodged against MetLife. I believe that case settled for an amount in excess of $1 billion.

    NCO's main office is here in Pennsylvania, so Pennsylvania would be a good place for a class action to be filed.

    According to information released by NCO on the internet, NCO's net income the fourth quarter of 1999 (October - November - December of 1999) exceeded $10 million so they are not a fly by night operation.

    I practiced law from 1965 - 1990 and since early 1991 I have been involving myself in consumer related matters, attempting to keep powerful business entities such as public utilities. collection agencies, etc. in line.

    The Specter law firm handles primarily class actions. They did not represent me in my lawsuit against NCO. Another lawyer represented me in my claim against NCO. That lawyer is co-counsel with the Specter Law Firm and when my lawyer at the Specter office and my lawyer on the NCO case were recently together on the matter, the three of us discussed NCO and I thought that it would be great if a class action law firm as well known, and as successful as the Specter firm, would agree to become involved in a class action against NCO.

    As I see it, the issue is how much NCO owes to each person to whom it has acted in a manner prohibited by law, and how best to protect the rights of all of these people to seek damages, especially when many of them probably do not know that NCO has reported adverse information about them to the credit bureaus. My lawyers explained to me that a purpose of a class action is to protect these other people.

    In the case I filed as an individual against NCO, I did win. The case was heard on April 5, 2000. I plan to make the testimony of NCO's lawyer in my own case available for use by anyone who requests it.

    Mark Aronson
    Pittsburgh, PA
    April 22, 2000

    Happy Easter !

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