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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by breeze, Jul 11, 2001.

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    Ooh sorry, I thought anyone could read the messages. I'll copy it here. Hang on.

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    This was posted to the yahoo credit repair group. It inspired me. I don't think anyone would mind me posting it for y'all to read.

    From: ray_leann@
    Date: Wed Jul 11, 2001 2:08 pm
    Subject: VA not the best loan

    I have the best home loan and it is not VA, it is a SBA disaster
    loan and I have all of you to thank......
    My home burned Christmas during the Arkansas ice storm, the electric
    company was trying to get power back on in my neighborhood and they
    surged the power into our breakerbox, melting it and spreading thru
    the wiring.
    We applied with FEMA who sent our info to the SBA. After 2 months of
    all the govt BS we went thru, we were turned down for this loan on a
    Friday because of our credit. That evening I found this site. I
    ordered a report online, thanks to you again. I worked the entire
    weekend step by step figuring out a gameplan. We had 3 pages of tax
    leins that showed satisfied but they were there regardless. The state
    did not take us out of their system when we closed a business and
    sent the permit back in, so for three years they would file leins, we
    would call them, they would show them satisfied....they were for
    outrageous amounts, $16000, $17000 and $18000 each. We knew they were
    there, but could never get the state to do anything, they said there
    was nothing we could do about them even tho it was their mistake. We
    also had a lot of little bills here and there but our credit was so
    screwed from the tax leins, we figured, what difference did it make.
    After reading your posts and getting pointers, Monday morning I was
    wired. All of Monday and half of Tuesday I worked on this. I started
    with the CRA, disputing the leins. Then I harrassed the state for
    what seemed like hours until I got someone to compose a letter (which
    I think I will frame) stating that the leins were improperly filed.
    They faxed me the letter, had to run out and buy a fax machine real
    quick. lol. Then I called each account that had reported me. I
    offered to pay over the phone and asked them to remove from the
    credit report. 90% of them did. Here is how I did it...
    First, be very sweet.
    Second, tell them that you didn't realize or you had just forgotten
    completely about this bill....
    Third, I would tell them that I was trying to get a home loan,
    checked my credit and this one.....little....bill (like it was the
    only one, hee hee) was going to give me a problem........
    Pay them, that's what they want and make them think that you are not
    one of those deadbeats that they usually deal with (they are very
    cynical)....I would get them to fax or email a receipt showing paid
    and if they agreed to remove from my report, I would have them send
    me something showing that too.
    By Tuesday afternoon I was armed with enough papers to choke a horse.
    I reapplied with SBA, the loan officer asked me how long it took me
    to do all this. When I told her I started Friday evening, she was
    shocked. Even tho it would take up to 90 days for my report to
    change, I had evidence that it would be changed. So, I got the loan
    and I actually have decent credit now and I thank all of you. And by
    the way, The loan is 30 years, just PI, closing was less than $300.00
    and would you believe 3.5% interest.....
    We were only insured enough to pay off the old house (it was an owner
    financed home due to the credit), and SBA would only loan so much, so
    our content insurance had to be put with the loan to get our house,
    but without this loan and with the credit we had, we were in a major
    crisis.. Now we have a wonderful new home, it's empty, lol, but with
    the low interest loan, we can buy furniture and stuff here and
    there....Thanks to all of you, all your help saved us. Sorry this is
    so long. LeAnn
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    all I can say is wow!

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    Great Post!!!!
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    See, this is proof of my recent posts regarding desperation is the have to go at this as if no is not an option..and it really, really works!!

    I've experienced it...
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    That's Kool Breeze


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