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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by author_22, Oct 13, 2001.

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    Today my mom got approved for CCB...but not their so called "real" card, the $250 limit one.

    She wants to tell them to kiss her *** for the pathetic limit.

    Here's the problem.

    My mom has dozens of late pays, even though she has six good accounts that are closed by her choice. She got denied Target. We are guessing her score must be pretty low to get this lousy CCB offer and the Target denial. She has requested her credit reports through denials because she does not like paying for them. And she hates inquiries (wish I was that way!) so we will have no problems here.

    I am not sure how to advise her. I told her to get a secured FCNB and secured Sterling (she can't get Orchard, CapOne, or First Premier because of late pays there).

    I told her she cannot be late again. a minimum payment can almost always be managed.

    Ironically, she thinks a $250 limit sucks. I say it's good because it will stop her from charging too much (hopefully she won't go over the limit!!!!!)

    She is an AU on my Citibanks, Target, and my brother's Discover.

    She does not get access to these cards so we can maintain control of our finances.

    What is the advice? We will dispute items to death. They all got paid eventually.

    Yes, she recognizes that credit has been a problem but she wants to buy a house and a car in 1-2 years and needs help. She is committed to being a better consumer.

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    She needs to start somewhere. I started out rebuilding with a lousy $200 secured 1st premier. Right now that is all I have. I am waiting on my new FCNB Secured & More card to arrive. Still don't know how much the limit is, but we'll see.

    Anyways, if she wants to buy a house & car in the next couple of years, my guess is that she can't be too picky now. She needs to understand that she trashed her credit and needs to do something to prove to prospective lenders that she can and will pay her bills on time.

    My advice is to start her off with a FCNB secured card alone. Have her deposit money into it and see what credit line she gets. Once she's had that for 6 months, have her apply for another secured card. Then 3 months later, apply for something unsecured. That may be the best way to go for her.

    I hope she has good luck!

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