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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GiL, Feb 23, 2001.

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    I have having trouble getting my first credit card. First of all, I just recently graduated from college. I never had a credit card through college ( which, as I realize now, was a big mistake ). I just recently got a job. I have a store credit card ( J. Crew ), and I have a balance on that. I applied online for Aria and Next Card, but got rejected. The reasons they gave online were that:

    * A comment or public record indicates
    an account not paid as agreed.

    * Proportion of loan balances to loan
    amounts is too high

    * Delinquent credit

    What does this mean? Is it because I have a balance on my J. Crew card? The balance isn't even that high because the credit limit is small.

    Anyone got advice on what to do? What are my options?

  2. Momof3

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    RE: Need Advice on First Credi

    Well the first thing to do is get your free credit report from the agencies that Aria and Nextcard used, so you can see what is on there.

    1. There is something on your public record which doesn't sound good.

    2. What is your balance with your J Crew card and what is limit?? Using more than 50% can cause some creditors to view this as high.

    3. This may have something to do with number 1, or may be a deliquent account you are not aware of.

    But get your reports and see what is on them.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    RE: Need Advice on First Credi

    IF YOU HAVE A CREDIT LINE OF $200.00 and charged $190.00 even though you could probably pay it off in one or two paychecks...YOU ARE TOO CLOSE TO THE CREDIT LIMIT...(95%)...(50% IS HIGH, THEY LIKE LESS THAN 30%).

    If you had a credit limit of $5,000.00 and charged the same $190.00 you would be at 3.8%.

    If JCREW is your only account dispute the other information as NOT YOURS!!!
  4. Dani

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    RE: Need Advice on First Credi


    You stated that the only credit you have is with J Crew. Is the balance on that high? That may be the reason for statement two. Have you ever been late with them or had any judgements or late pays with any other company? Ex. student loans, car loan, etc. The reasons for statement 1 is there is something negative on your public record file (a judgement, garnishment, etc.) Statement 3 says you have a delinquent account on your credit report (this could be the public record). I would suggest pulling your three credit reports immediately if you don't know anything about these deliquent accounts. It is possible the credit agencies have reported inaccurate information or it could be fraud. Since you were denied for credit the credit report that Aria and NextCard pulled you can get for free (as long as you were denied in the past 60 days). Otherwise, Equifax (and I believe Experian) will access you credit report online for your for $8.50. I usually get my Equifax within 20 seconds. Best of luck.

  5. Momof3

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    RE: Need Advice on First Credi

    Also Nextcard usually pulls TU and Experian, now you can go to and get a free report if your denial happened in the last 60 days and you can call TU and get your report.
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    wazzup Bobby.

  7. Dani

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    RE: wazzup Bobby.

    It is not Bobby, is it? The question is normal and the spelling is good. Plus he doesn't say anything about buying tradelines.

  8. roni

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    RE: wazzup Bobby.

    Maybe you are right. I am just paranoid I guess.

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    RE: Need Advice on First Credi

    That is probably the case...I'm too close to my credit limit. My limit is $350, and I was around $300 until I got my job and started to pay it off.

    I guess I have to pay the whole thing off before I can get a credit card right?

    I'll get a copy of my credit report and see what's up with that.

    Thanks for everyone's help!
  10. GiL

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    RE: Need Advice:1st Crdt Card

    Hey guys...I need your advice again.

    I just got a copy of my credit report through Experian. I was surprised to see under "Potentially Negative Terms," a credit card that I was an authorized user of. That credit card has a past due balance because the person is declaring bankruptcy. I thought that wouldn't affect me since it was under his name. Why does it affect me??? It also says that this account will go to positive status on 8/2007!!! Does that mean that it will be with me till then??? Under "Positive Items," I have my J. Crew credit card. But, will I ever get a real credit card...I was also planning on buying a new car in the summer. Is that out of the question?


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