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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jen, Mar 19, 2001.

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    I found a collection on one of my reports from a martial arts class I took in 1996. I had cancelled my contract with the owner as I was leaving town and it was no longer convenient for me to continue there. All was good with him and I went on my way. Several months later, I received a call from a collection agency demanding payment for the remainder of my contract. I explained the whole situation to her and asked that she contact the owner to verify my story. (I figured it was his assistant that handles accounting who turned me in). She said ok, and I have not heard from the Coll. agency since. I figured everything had been straightened out. (I know, very dumb!) Now I see this is on one of my reports and I want to know how I should handle it. The martial arts studio is no longer in business. I would very much appreciate your ideas so I can put together a plan to get this off my report. Thanks!

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