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  1. Sandra

    Sandra Guest

    A small medical bill showed up on my husband's report. I wrote a letter offering to pay in exchange for deletion (while not acknowledging debt). I think it was from the Carreon site. I got a call from the collection agency telling me they would accept payment but would not delete. I told them I wanted it deleted. Finally the lady agreed to delete the item. When I asked her to put it in writing, she went balistic. She actually shouted at me over the phone for doubting her honesty! We decided it was time to shift gears on this one. I sent a validation letter (Marie's) a few days ago. I hust had a phone call from the same lady. She was really incensed this time. She ranted and shouted at me for ten minutes. She read me the letter and after every paragraph she screamed, "What the hell does that mean?" When I could get a word in, I told her not to call our home again.
    My question is: Now what should I do?
  2. Sandra

    Sandra Guest

    Forgot to mention. The collection is a small agency in Ohio. We live in Virginia. Does that make a difference?
  3. Worried

    Worried Guest

    You need to get a small recorder for your phone. Debt collectors cannot use such language and they cannot harrass you. When you start to speak to her next time, tell her that for your records, the conversation is being recorded. That should change her tune real fast.
  4. Reshod

    Reshod Well-Known Member

    Also, check to see if the collection agency is able to collect a debt in your state.

    If you want no further contact with the collection agency, send a: Cease and Desist Letter.

    Or advise them that all further communications will take place by mail ONLY.

    If you want, file a complaint with the FTC, the original creditor, and the State's Attorney General's Office, for the vulgar and rude language.

    Win the Battle,

  5. Erik

    Erik Well-Known Member

    Just yell back louder. "What the hell is wrong with you that you have to scream all the time?!"

    Some people will just try to intimadate and rattle you. If you keep your composure and shout back they usually calm down for some reason. If not, at least you had fun yelling back.
  6. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Or you could use the horn they blow at sporting events (you know the one) right in their ear!!!!!
  7. Sandra

    Sandra Guest

    Great idea, Mom. The worst part of the whole conversation was the way she insulted my intelligence. She even told me she had a copy of my husband's medical records!!!
    What do you think I should do now.....just wait and send the second validation letter? (and buy a horn!!!) Thanks for your advice.
  8. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    How do you find out if a collection agency can collect in your state? I bet this has been covered a million times but I thought I'd take a shortcut and ask you.

    Thanks a bunch
  9. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Oh, I see, you meant SOL..I get it, duh...I feel dumb. thanks, Momof3!
  10. Sandra

    Sandra Guest

    ~C~ I think what you're asking is how to find out if the collection agency is licensed to work in another state.
    I would like to know how to find out if an agency is licensed in Virginia.
  11. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Sandra! Right! Thanks for clearing up my thinking...:)
  12. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Don't pay unless they give you what you want in writing, these agencies will lie and tell you the moon is made of cheese to get your money!
  13. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Here is the letter you need.
  14. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

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