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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by crowmom, Sep 14, 2003.

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    Has anyone dealt with CBE Group? Of all my negative TLs (about 6) they are the only company listed on all 3 of my reports. My other negs are on only one or two reports. I really want this one gone, so I'm wondering how tough they are. this is a paid collection, btw. it has been paid for a couple of years, but only one CRA lists it as 'paid'. the other two still say 'derog', which is inaccurate reporting i know, and i could dispute it w the CRAs, but i don't want it updated to 'paid', i want it removed. What i want to know is:

    if i send them doc's validation for fully paid creditors/chargeoffs, could i mention anything about them not updating my reports for 2 years and use that as any leverage? Would it be unwise to tactfully hint at the fact that I could sue them for reporting inaccurate info, or should i just leave it alone?


    has anyone investigated any further about FDCPA 807 that says companies/corporations cannot have names like 'credit bureau of XXX' unless they truly are a CRA? CBE's full name is Credit Bureau Enterprises, Inc., and unless i'm missing something, I don't believe they are a bona-fide CRA, right?

    here's the FTC opinion letter..(2nd to last paragraph):

    I might look like I'm just grasping at anything here, and I am, lol. I just want to get all the ammunition i can before i dive into this. thanks.
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    anyone? please?
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    giving this one more bump before i give up.


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