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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Armando, Mar 4, 2001.

  1. Armando

    Armando Guest

    I have a "Regular Drivers Edge card 11,000.00 credit limit." Two months ago I received a credit limit increase(without asking for one) of 2500.00 dollars. This past week, I applied for another credit line increase online and I was declined.
    Within 2 hours of getting the decline(I had to call in to find response) I applied for the "Clic Citi AA Advantage card" and was approved with a 6000.00 dollar credit limit online????
    The problem is that I did not know the card I was applying for could only be used for "Internet Transactions" or when ordering from places that do not need your credit card(it has no magnetic strip).
    Well I have learned from this board that I could combine my limits into one card.
    I called citibank and told them of my mistake. Citibank indeed said I could combine the new credit limit with my old driver's edge account.(holding on for advice from board).

    ***Questions #1. On my *old* driver's edge card--can I upgrade that card in itself to a Platinum driver's edge card?? Excellent repayment record with Citibank.

    #2. Can I convert the new account card to say something like a *platinum select credit card?*

    #3. Or can I do both at the same time--upgrade the card and also combine the limit---would it be too much to ask for at one time?? I would end up closing the Clic City account.

    What I thought was interesting is that I was declined for an increase but I was approved for another the card.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated---Armando
  2. Eboni

    Eboni Guest

    Citibanks Platinum sucks. A platinum card with an APR of Prime plus 12.9%? Who the hell cares.

    Nextcard has better rates, so does Juniper. And even Capital One Platinum has a rate of 9.99 fixed.

    Drop Citibank. They are over rated.
  3. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    To me Citibank has been super lenient in converging cards. They let me change my classic AA card to a platinum select which eliminated my annual fee and lowered the apr when I only had the card one month. That is pretty genereous.

    The reps are very nice. I would call them and ask them what you can and what you can not do.

    Also to those interested...I just checked my online experian and:

    FYI....Target pulled my Experian report on 3/1/01 and in 9/00. I was approved the second time for $200. I guess that means my score has improved with experian...

  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    my citi plat select is prime+2.9% and my credit sucks. Ask for retention (say your gonna close it) then ask them to combine it, then ask them to convert to platinum select, then ask for them to lower the apr. They will :)
  5. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    Don't drop Citibank and may be APR little bit higher than the other like NextCard. I have both Citibank Sony Card and NextCard and I used my Sony Citibank Platinium Select Card more than NextCard.My NextCard has 9.9 APR and has no bonus reward. Citibank has a good customer services and I keep it for that. I don't know Juniper Card and I heard those guys used to work for First USA and I heard a hoorrible story from them. I like Sony Citibank Platinium Select Card to earn rewards towards Sony merchandise.

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