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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by author_22, Oct 17, 2001.

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    I am now helping my mother dispute derogs on EX, we are awaiting TU and EQ reports.

    She has 17 derogs, 7 judgments.
    Only 2 positives, and that's from being AU or joint on 2 of my accounts.

    All the derogs and judgments are paid.

    Many of them have not been updated since 1995-1998, so we suspect that they may easily fall off.

    However, what I am puzzled about is these sorts of issues (listed in potentially negative items)

    Her score is I believe 380.God only knows what the other bureaus have on her...we think there may be many more accounts that are bad..

    Car loan #1: paid off in full, but has 9 30 day lates in it.

    Car loan #2: paid off in full, but has 8 30 day lates in it.

    Mortgage: $17,103 owed still, 7 30 day lates and a notation that once they started foreclosure proceedings on it (total B.S.!!!!!)

    Credit card #1: 1 30 day late notation.

    Credit card #2: 1 60 day late notation.

    I know the other 11 derogs must be disputed at plain not hers, and we'll deal with the judgements later as we'll have MANY rounds to do obviously.

    When we hit round 2, what should we do about the six cases I just named? In other words, what "reason" for dispute.



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