Need Full Account Numbers for Bankruptcy

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jelash, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Jelash

    Jelash New Member

    How do I get my full account numbers to file for bankruptcy?

    I do not want to call the creditors. I don't want any contact with them. Is there any other way for me to get the full numbers? Do I even need the full account numbers to file for bankruptcy?

    Also, what is a "charge off"? My credit report shows a charge off. Do I include that account in my bankruptcy?

    Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  2. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    Sorry for the slow reply Jelash. A charge off means that your credit card issuer has decided your debt is uncollectable and they've written it off. This usually happen after you become about 180 days late on your credit card payments. Do you not have your credit cards on hand or logins to your online accounts in order to see the full account numbers? Also, I'm curious if you proceeded with your bankruptcy filing. If so, how has it gone thus far?

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