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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by IamBuzzed, Apr 22, 2001.

  1. IamBuzzed

    IamBuzzed Well-Known Member

    I just found out my FICO score and its pretty bad. Its 566. I am hoping to purchase a car in 2002 by myself and it doesnt look good. I have been declined from AMEX and BoA. Can anyone give my any suggestions to repair in time? I was thinking of junum, but what else can I do? Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. lucy

    lucy Well-Known Member

    First of all relax.

    I have a brand new Chevy Cavalier financed through Nuvell Financial aka GMAC. It is jointly financed with my husband. Our FICO scores are between 520-560. We have a 9.9% interest rate and only put $600 down on an $18,000 car. With your score, you shouldn't have any problems. My husband has been at his job for 5 years, and I had only been at my job for less than a month when we got the new car. I do not even have that job anymore, I was laid off. But anyway, I am not sure what your job/living situation is, but I imagine if you have been at your job for a while and lived at the same address, you could get a loan as easily as we did.

  3. bohemian

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    I bought a Ford Escape that I financed through Ford Credit 2 months ago. I got 9.9% on a lease. I had nearly $4,000 down so I am sure that had quite a little bit to do with Ford giving us a chance. My husband and I have scores like you do. Our yearly income is only about $60,000 so we did pretty well on it. If you have a good trade in or quite a bit down I would go with Ford. They have been excellent, so far, and you really do not want to pay 21% on a loan with Household Finance or one of those other companies. The Escape was around $22,000 and our payments are $449. Good luck, I was just in your shape and would not have this if my husband did not have his taxes taken out at a single rate, which equals a huge refund every year.
  4. IamBuzzed

    IamBuzzed Well-Known Member

    Were those loans from the auto company or bank? This will be my first big purchase and i want to do it alone without Co sign so im kinda new to this. What i want to know what should i do now until 2002?
  5. am

    am Guest

    Hi Iambuzzed
    When I bought my car in Jan 00 my fico was 572. I just checked it (after working on it for one round of disputes and being "good") and even with mulitple new accounts and 50% usage of credit line (hasn't updated) and excessive inquiries I'm at 687.
    So, there is lots of hope---

  6. Jugnoo

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    As an aside, don't overpay for your car because you believe your credit is subpar. Negotiate for your car without disclosing your credit situation.

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