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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, Apr 10, 2001.

  1. SM

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    I have two small collection accounts with a hospital (total amount due $180.00). I want to settle these accounts and get them off my credit. The accounts are being handled by an outside collection agency. I have always been told never to deal with the collection agency, but in this case it is the agency who is reporting the info to the CRA's. Who should I try to settle with - the hospital or collection agency? I just want to pay them off and get them off my report as quickly as possible.
  2. Linda

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    Similiar situation

    I would like to know this answer as well. Suppose you are able to pay the hospital off then would the collection agency be required to remove themselves from the credit reports?
  3. Marypc

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    Re: Similiar situation

    I've read about a few people on this board who have done that with utility bills. They either have or request a copy of the bill to check the information,then pay the creditor directly.

    Once the payment has been received, they send a dispute letter to the CRA saying the information (amount due) is wrong, or shouldnt have been sent to collection, because it was paid, etc. This seems to work, I am trying it out now with an old Bell Atlantic bill.
  4. Linda

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    Re: Similiar situation

    Hey Marypc.

    Please keep us posted.

    My collection accounts for utility/ dr's bills are all 2 to 4 years old so it seems strange that I could now pay the original creditors, after all this time, and then claim it should never have gone to the various collection agencies. Of course, I hope it works for you. :)

    For these small bills where the original creditors are not listed I've decided to deal directly with the CA's to see if they will agree to delete my accounts from the credit bureas in exchange for payment in full. I'll mail my letters out tomorrow and give them 30 days to decide then just wait and see what happens.


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