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    I have recently been trying to help someone who put a letter on planetfeedback. she is having a problem with a dispute at her credit card company. she bought something on ebay and paid for it with paypal. she then returned the item to the seller. the seller said he never got the item back. she sent it to him via ups. ups doesnt have a signed receipt they just left it at the door. paypal has a paragraph in their terms and conditions that says they will not help her. basically it says that the only way they can help her is is she didnt receive the item from the seller in the first place. but that they will not help her if she is disatisfied with the item and retrns it to the seller and the seller refuses to give her money back to her.

    the message is on planetfeedback. under shared letters for citigroup. the message is dated 6/26.

    from what she says i believe citibanks dispute department has tried to get her money back for her but can't because of that paragraph in paypals terms and conditions. I have a reply to her message on their stating what the paragraph says (if you need to read it)

    will someone who knows something about credit card disputes please reply to her message on planetfeedback. I dont know if anyone can help her at all. but at least try please.

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