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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by maggz, Mar 2, 2001.

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    Where can I start? I am 20years old and I started abusing my credit power at the age of 17. I had my first credit card which I now owe $740 on and only made one payment to them. I had a department store credit card which I owe $1700. I had a jewelry store whom I still owe $560. I got real sick once they called the ambulance and well I didnt have medical insurance so now I owe them $1100. I got in ChexSystems at the age of 18. I had decided to open the account with my boyfriend who well was more young minded than myself and he had bounced a couple of checks, left me at a bad standing. Finally BOFA said no more and closed the account left us owing the bank $237. I am about $5000 in debt and I need help. All these charges from my understanding are either in collections or have been charged off. I do not where to begin. It took me a while to realize how important credit is in this world. For a while I dodged this situation because I do not work well understress. All I could truly say is that I was young made bad choices. I did intend in paying them when I had them current but I had lost my job,and did not have any income. I am doing good now, having good income, but not enough to pay them all at once. I wish I could find a good loan where I could be approved, or maybe debt consolidation program that could help me out. I need to do something because this situation is hurting my health. I am suffering from depression because of this. The one bad thing about this whole situation is that it could have been easily avoided. I find that when collection agencies contact me they want the whole dollar amount which I do not have. That is why I was inquiring on loans something I could do now that I find myself responisble to pay that off. I have learned my lesson and god CREDIT IS HELL but is so needed. I have tried to apply for an apartment, which I got denied because of poor credit history. My main purpose to clearing up my credit is for my apartment and for my health. If you do have any input ideas on what I can do please do contact me at

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