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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bill B, Mar 31, 2003.

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    I remember reading a post one time about citi bank having a phone # to work out a payment deal.Does anyone remember seeing that? Here is the deal i lost my job and of course wasn't able to pay..I used planet feedback and the presidents office replied."Pay this and we will put your apr back to 6.9% and refund the intrest they charged..,But the payment was due on the 1st and i just got this letter today..However what my problem is i dont have what they want monthly.I want to get a set rate and payment plan for a few months like a credit council agency would do but have them do it at citibank.I don't mind if they report it or even close the account.I want to pay it back but a little less than what they want for a minum monthly payment..At this time!
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  3. Karen

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    They call you on the 61st day that you are late. In other words, they offer you the deal. Up to that point, they kept telling me that no hardship plan was available. But, they want an immediate decision. They claim it is a take it or leave it proposition.

    The program is for six months. The account is temporarily closed. There are no more late fees or over the limit fees. And there are no finance charges.

    They report to the CRA's that the payments have been late, and they report that special arrangements have been made with the credit grantor under a repayment plan.

    Their number is 1-800-926-1058. But, like I said, they will claim there is no deal available until the 61st day, and then they will make the offer.

    Hope this helps some.

    I also have hardship plans with Merrick, FirstUSA, and MBNA. If you need any info on those, let me know and I will reply to your post.
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    Yeah, and I'm fighting them right now, because they are reporting me in Consumer Credit Counseling, and still 120 days past due - 5 months into the program. They are also reporting that I am making partial payments, however if you look at my bill, I am paying more than the minimum required.
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    Two other things.

    I was real short on money when I set it up, so they gave me a full 60 days before the first payment was due. No problem there - I just asked and they agreed.

    They insist on taking it out of your account on an automatic withdrawal. They will not agree to any other way. And, almost everyone here says that is a very bad idea. So far though, they have been real good about it.
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    Well last night i used planet feedback and asked if they could waive the late fee's and the over limit fees as well..I asked if they could keep my intrest at 6.9% and lower my monthly payment to $200.I stated i would rather settle through them rather than a credit counciler agency that offers what i am asking for.I would rather deal with citi direct and pay this bill off in due time..I owe first usa and amex too but i am able to pay there min with my savings.
    I thankyou all for the help and comments!

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