Need Help Removing Inquiries !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Credithelp, Jun 14, 2001.

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    Does anyone have any tactics or letters that worked in removing Inquires on their credit reports. I have a bunch I need to get removed from all 3 of reports. I already tried calling the CRA's and they told me that I need to call the creditor, and they don't remove them. Please help!!!!! Thank you
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    Spend time here reading about the verification process, do everything in writing if at all possible. Never call and just ramble on, the people on the other end are not that helpful to begin with.

    If your not comfortable doing this yourself hire Junum, Lexington or another firm. Either firm will want copies of all three of your current reports.
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    Thanks for the free advertising :) but I'll be more than happy to give him some free tips of what I have found to work. In the middle of summer, Carreon is launching a consumer advocate site for me called

    That site will have a lot of free info and many recent updates on what's happening with our credit laws and advocacy programs. It will be a non commercial site that is very pro-consumer, much like the Carreon one except very widdled down and targeted to just credit report errors.

    So stay tuned, but for now here is some info on inquiries.

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