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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Larissa, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. Larissa

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    I have been lurking around reading the posts and it seems as if you are all very knowledgeable and hope someone can help me.
    My husband and I desperatly want to buy a home, we are sick of is like throwing money away. Anyway, the problem is, our credit is terrible.
    A few years ago we were young and stupid, got ourselves into trouble and as a result can not get any sort of a loan.
    The main things are a car loan showing 23 30 day lates, has not been late since 1/00, will be paid off in less than two there any way to get this removed?
    We also have 2 judgements, one is on both, the other just on is paid, the other will be next month. Of course I arranged to pay these before I read these boards, and so paid them without an agreement to have them removed. There are then all the collection accounts leading up to the judgements that should show paid, but are still there.
    My student loans are in default, but I am rehabilitating and will be done 2/02, so of course will not try until then.
    By far the worst thing is 2 chargeoffs, one on each of our reports, neither of which I can afford to pay. All the collections and the judgements and the chargeoffs are from 98, so will be there for a long time.
    The positive lines we have are a car on mine, originally 15000, no lates- opened 2/00, he has a CC, no lates, opened 6/00, car loan from 95, no lates, originally 5000, paid off.

    Really terrible like I said. Is there anything I can do? Where do I start? Will I ever own a home?

    I think it is hopeless, but thought I would try anyway...sorry if I am wasting all of your time.

  2. Bill Bauer

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    I can help you, but I will not talk about it on this forum
    Too many personal attacks

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