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    Ever wonder which CRA a creditor may use when they pull your credit file to extend credit?

    Is one of your credit reports better than the other and you want to maximize your success when applying for a credit card or loan?

    Do you have recent inquiries (for credit) that you are willing to add to our database?

    Do you have Creditor and/or CRA mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or contact names?

    Then visit Millennium Credit Building Strategies! Home of the Ultimate Creditor/CRA List.

    It's free!! It's free because consumers like you not only use it, but you also use our web site to add your inquiry information, as well as adding creditor and CRA information.

    Millennium CBS is at

    Check it out!

    John Shimmer
    Millennium CBS
    Home of the Ultimate Creditor/CRA List

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