Need some input about CRA's

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BarryN- Cr, Jul 28, 2000.

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    I am updating my list of CRA's used by the various lenders. Can anyone help me isolate lenders that use just one CRA on an inquiry. You may have personal experience with this that could help us keep the list fresh. I am finding more and more lenders on the list using 2 or all 3 CRA's during the process. This may prove my theory that they are using more of a geographical method to their madness. Finding CRA's located closer to your residence.

    So does anyone know any companies that soley use Experian? Equifax? Trans Union?

    Thanks for your input,

    www.creditmania.con/cconline.htm (The List)
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    RE: Need some input about CRA'

    Jet Federal Credit Union, Chicago, Illinois, a principal lender for the Regent's College(State University Sytem of New York)Nursing Program and other distance learning programs uses at the time of this writing, only Equifax, as it's CRA.
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    RE: Need some input about CRA'

    Applied two weeks ago for Associate's Amoco card... They used Trans Union.
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    Data from Arizona

    The problem here is that I don't know whether a lender uses a different CRA in another geographic area. I have only my personal experience to go by, not complete nationwide records.

    With that qualification, here are my "single report" denials, all based on applications mailed from my Arizona residence:

    Chase MasterCard--Trans Union
    Discover Platinum--Experian
    Sears--Trans Union

    I received the Chase MasterCard, but was turned down for the Platinum MasterCard they originally offered me. Since denials appear to be the only way to obtain this CRA information, I'm sharing only denials with you guys at this particular time. My many credit victories will be reported at some later time.
  5. BarryN- Cr

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    Reading your post I assume your TU is better than your Experian... and I appreciate you sharing that with me. I am trying to make sense of the process. I would like to be able to provide a very targeted list of lenders that subscribe exclusively to one CRA. I will keep you posted of my results.

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    RE: Need some input about CRA'

    Here is what I was told:

    "Depending on the credit bureau that is dominant in your region, area, or state that you live in, a single credit report is accessed."

    This probably doesn't help, but I think lenders use one CRA, then switch after a while. My bank (Indiana Member's Credit Union) pulled a Trans Union report for one credit product I applied for, then pulled a CSC (Equifax) report for another credit product I applied for a year or so later. Luckily, the information contained in each is consistent.

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