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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Angela Wal, Sep 27, 2000.

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    Last summer, my fiancee inadvertently changed the computer to dial to work on the long distance number rather than the local metro number to work remotely in the evenings and weekends. The long distance wasn't billed immediately, (the May LD wasn't billed until August), then WHAM, 4 bills in a row for $500 each.

    We didn't pay the $2000 bill, as we were moving across the country at the time and it went into collection. I know that part of the bill (i.e. the monthly service and part of the LD) is my responsibility and want to clear it up.

    Now the reasons I don't feel responsible for the entire amount are as follows:

    1.) We had requested no long distance on the account, but automatically got local toll service anyway.

    2.) There was a $250 long distance limit on the account, yet they continued to allow the bill to be run up to over $400 each month (even though they received no payment.)

    3.) If we had been billed in a timely fashion, we would have realized that the phone number was incorrect and changed it back to the local number.

    4.) (not a good reason) We had previously gone 30 days late and immediately were sent a disconnect notice, yet they let the LD continue for 4 months with no payment.

    I know that all of these reasons are not totally (or legally) valid, but it seems that the phone company was not carrying out their billing policies in a normal fashion (letting us exceed the limit, not billing us immediately for LD, not disconnecting when no payment was received) perhaps just to try to get more money.

    Are there any suggestions as to how to handle this? It seems that the fact that they let the $250 limit be exceeded may be my most valid argument. If so, then I should owe the 4 months normal payment plus $250.

    Another problem is that both the phone company and the collection agency have told me (last fall) that they cannot make a deal with me. The phone company said it was in the hands of the collection agency, who said they wanted all of it immediately. Any suggestions as to how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: Need suggestions on how to

    Sorry, this one was being edited and it somehow got posted before I finished. Please read the newer posting.


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