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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bobndj, Oct 18, 2001.

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    I settled on a Citibank Visa account in 07/1997. I filed BK in 4/1998. It has been reported as included in BK ever since on all 3 CRA'S. I started disputing it in 1999 and they kept verifying it in BK so I gave up. Then last month I disputed it again on all three. All came back verified so I called Citibank and they sent me a letter saying it was paid as of 07/15/1997 and should be reported accordingly. I sent a copy to the CRA's and demanded they correct it. Well.....I got back the results and all 3 CRAS said it was reported correctly as included in BK.Then as I'm checking CreditExpert I notice it has been changed to a "good" account listed as paid in settlement and citibank had a soft inquiry on 10/02.What should I do next woth TU and EQ?? This is getting really aggrivating. Thanks.

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    I think the problem probably lies with citi. I would call them back and tell them they need to fax a UDF (universal data form) back to TU and Equ. At that point it will take 30 -60 days to correct, because the cra's really care about having accurate records.
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    Geez.... I feel like Citibank is haunting me. Experian just changed my status of "paid in settlement" good account to being a "included in BK" under negative accounts. What the heck is up with that? I guess I'm off to spend my day back on hold with Citibank again......

    Anyone have any better ideas??

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    I seriously doubt that my answer will qualify as being "better" than that of LKH, but you might want to demand that they prove who actually did the verification. Name, company address and company phone number of the person who validated the report if you demanded that a verification be done on the reports.

    If you don't have proof of who is doing the dastardly deeds, then who can you go after for any violations?
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    I think I would also suggest contacting Citibank, but don't speak with the person who answers the telephone. Make sure you get a manager on the other end of the line. Explain the situation clearly. Request that the send you a signed letter on corporate letterhead which clearly/acurately states how the account should be reported... Tell them it is urgent and ask them to fax it to you.

    With that in hand- make one more call to the CRAs. Tell them to comply with your wishes and the creditors... correctly and accurately list the account or delete it. Give them 30 days and check the reports again. If they don't, you may have to take them to court to get it corrected, but now you'll have the paperwork trail and evidence needed to win.

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