Need to Rebuild -- What Card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NewB, Mar 25, 2001.

  1. NewB

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    I have recently signed up with Lexington for repair (my beacon is 530 -- I am not sure about the others) and I need to start rebuilding. On Equifax, I have an AMEX paid collection from 95, an MBNA collection from '96, and a judgement from a furniture company. Do you guys know of any CCs that might approve me? I make 80+ and I have anew car.

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    Re: Need to Rebuild -- What Ca

    As far as credit cards go you may want to try Providian or Capital 1. You may have to go the secured route, but Capital 1 has a deal for a secured card such as $400 limit for $49 or $500 for $99. Other secured cards that I've heard good things about are FCNB (First Consumers National Bank). I believe that Chase and Citibank as well as BofA all offer secured cards. But I would try for the Providian first as they are pretty liberal.
  3. roni

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    FCNB is a secured card but they are awesome. They will not charge you crazy fees like some other secured companies (FNBM) They offer generous increases also. They offer the spiegel card which is easy to get once you already have their product for a while. I would definitely start with them.

    Chase and citibank do not report to the cb until over a year later so i would not start with them.

    I started with capital one secured. I cant knock them. They gave me my start and I am still with them. I started 11/99 secured $200 and now 1year4 months later $2400 unsecured. This was by getting new cards with high limits and combining.

    good luck!

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    I just got a FCNB secured card, I have a 466 FICO ugggh!! I am hoping that is a good start, the CS rep was very nice and said that as long as I don't have OL or any cash advances they will increase my limit. At what point or do you know??

  5. roni

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    Re: Roni

    I got an automatic $100 increase after 4 months. I cancelled the card after 6 months though b/c I had gotten so much more unsecured credit. I kept the spiegel card though. FCNB is great for building.

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    Re: Need to Rebuild

    If Equifax is your ONLY bad report, then Capital One or Providian would probably be better. Providian pulls Experian, and as far as I can tell, Capital One pulled both Experian and Trans Union in my case.

    First Consumers is reported to be a good bank to deal with, and I believe would be best for you if:
    (A) You can't get an unsecured Providian or Aria card.
    (B) FCNB approves you.

    But FCNB could pull Equifax, and in that case may not approve you. The list at indicates they pull either Equifax or Trans Union.

    Good luck to you. I hope you end up with one of the 3 cards.

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