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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Reshod, Mar 14, 2001.

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    I posted a while back on a credit card through Providian Aria that I received. I noticed the fees and closed the amount immediately! I noticed that the bankk was reporting that I was 30, 60, and 90 days late on a card that I never activated or used. So I called the bank and had the account listed and disputed all of the fees. The fees were waived, the account closed and Equifax was the only CRA to remove it. I disputed it again last month with both Transunion and Experian. Transunion verified and Experian states, Reviewed???(what ever the hell that means). So i called Providian who transferred me to 1st National Bank and stated that there were no lates on my account and in deed it is closed. I asked about the dispute from the CRA's and they replied that there was no contact from the CRA's to them. Someone is lying!!!

    What should I Do??

    The CRA's are obvisously not investigating!

    Lizard King? do you think I should follow your small claims procedure?


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    Reshod I had a simliar experience with Providian myself, I opened a second account never used nor activated the card, the account was closed as soon as it was open, but they sent me bill for annual fee I called they said disregard it (yeah right) anyway I received another bill with late fee called again and spoke with supervisor, finally all charges were removed but guess what a late fee was put on my report, I wrote Providian several times and called and disputed with all 3 agencies, verified everytime. I finally composed a nice but strong letter, I sent this and I also went to and sent my letter there and called the department that handles consumer complaints, my late was removed with 30 days. This took me almost nine months to do, I think going to the site and posting and calling helped majorly.
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    My first few letters were sent to a generic providian address, I called several reps and someone finally gave me a specific department to address this with, not sure if that solely worked or writing the web site and address gave me additional help, but after sending to that department and sending and calling website info, the late was gone.
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    Re: Also


    Thanks for responding. I was really getting discouraged! By any chance, do you still have a generic copy of those letters and the addresses,and names you sent them too. They gave me a General Correspondence address and i know that this will take forever in a day to get a response.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Also

    I will try to find it and post back:)
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    Here's my letter

    Here's the letter, I can't however find the address, but I believe it is referred to as the Resource Center, call customer service and asked them for this address.

    I am writing in regards to a prior account I had with your financial institution. I have called and written several times and my problem has not seemed to be addressed nor corrected. I had a Visa from Providian and received on offer for a Mastercard, I accepted this offer and then was told that I could not have 2 accounts with Providian at once, after speaking with your customer service we closed the Mastercard account and I was told this would not reflect NEGATIVELY on my credit. I never used this second card, nor did I activate it, I closed the account and I then received a bill for an annual fee of 59.00, I called and was told to disregard the bill because that account had been closed, I did this however the following month I received another bill and this one had a late fee attached, I then called again and was told to disregard the bill. This happened a third time and I finally was able to get this bill removed totally.

    A few months later while viewing my credit reports, I noticed that your bank reported me as being thirty days late on this account, this is incorrect, I was never late the account had been closed with no balance. I have called and talked with several representatives and was assured this would be removed, as of this day it still remains on all three of my reports. I would please appreciate it if someone in the proper department could please look into this and correct this mistake. I am in the process of shopping for a mortgage and was told that this negativety on my reports is bringing my overall scores down, thus giving me a higher rate that I should be getting. This is the only infraction on my reports. I can see where the mistake could have been made, but I would hope that you will look into this and contact the credit agencies(Equifax,Experian, Trans Union) and have this 30 day late removed.

    If this is not the proper department than please let me know where I can address this issue, I will speak to as many people as I need to, to have this resolved. My account number was xxx xxxx xxxx. I would appreciate it if you would let me know the progress with this and let me know when it has been resolved

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