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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by author_22, Nov 3, 2001.

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    OK, I promised my co worker that I would come on here and try to get her help with her own credit problems.

    She has a TON of derogs and owes money to the following companies:

    1) Providian (from like 1996)
    2) CapOne (from like 1997)
    3) First Premier (2 accounts, from this year)

    She knows she will probably NOT get the cards back. She knows she COULD sit around for another 2-4 years on 1 and 2 and keep disputing it to death. She wants to do the right thing and pay something on these four accounts, but she wants some help from the companies in return (like maybe deletion of the derog, MAYBE one or more of the cards back)

    She had some medical and unemployment problems that contributed, and are documented.

    What should she do? I know CapOne MAY work with her, but do Providian and First Premier really give a rats booty about this young woman? None of these four went to outside collections. She is not interested in hiring any kind of repair program. She says me and the board and some honest cash is enough. She doesn't expect miracles. Just maybe a few reprieves and second chances.

    She got on her mother's Target, and plans to get Sterling.
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    You know, I sure wish I knew of some way to be able to help her, and for free too.

    Several major problems to be addressed in the process of reaching a satisfactory solution for someone that, like her, wants to get right with the world. Someone who don't want to do nothing but pay up what she owes and get some decent human respect and recognnition for her efforts in the process.

    There are a lot of people and companies who have done their level best to address this type of problem in a meaningful way. Good smart people have written libraries full of books and pamplets and newspaper and magazine articles, done TV and radio shows on the subject, websites and chat rooms full of good information on how to proceed to take care of your financial problems, computer programs out the cazoo that help people to plan and build strategies to get themselves out of debt and stay out, there is no end to it and thankfully there never will be.

    It's the same thing with people telling others or trying to tell others how to go out and rip people off, rip off the phone companies and the credit card companies and everybody they can.
    Little black boxes and little red boxes and all kinds of little boxes that scr** with the telepone companies, credit card rippers that can read the magnetic stripes on the cards and pull all the info off of even the new smart cards and more too.

    And it's the same thing with credit repair too. Everybody got an answer, some of it is good and some of it is bad and some of it is downright ugly.

    And it don't make any difference how much information is out there, there is always going to be a "newbie" coming down the pike that needs or wants to learn something he don't already know.
    I guess that's what makes the world go around, so to speak. Life's like that.

    I'd like to think that the way to pay off your creditors and work at rebuilding your life, getting back on the straight and narrow and staying there is so simple that anyone with the brains God promised a goose shouldn't need to be out asking silly questions, but I know better than that because things just aren't as simple for someone who has had their world come unexpectedly crashing down on them for whatever reason.

    And it isn't all that simple for a young person maybe still in school and just trying to learn and make their own life for themselves either.

    It isn't so simple as I'd like to think for a woman who has been dependent upon her husband all her life and then her marriage comes crashing down on her or her husband is killed or dies and she is left with a ton of bills and a house full of hungry kids to feed.

    I wish I had good answers for all those people no matter what their problem, but I don't.

    Oh well, I guess I'm just being a foolish old man at 1 A.M. but it sure would be nice if I did have the answers for all the people.

    I don't guess I'm ever going to get that job done because if I haven't got it done by now after 71 years, there isn't much chance I'm going to do it in the next 100 or so I got left either.

    I know for sure I got at least another 100 to go because I promised my wife that if I couldn't take her with me I ain't gonna go.
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    & grind
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    Why doesn't she get off her bum and sit down and read this board for herself?

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    She does not have a computer at home, and her job at work pretty much limits her using the computer for non-work things. Dell refused to finance her, by the way.
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    Ummm...wouldn't she be back on her bum if she sat down to read the board...just wondering : )

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