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    I know you were waiting on AMEX to offer a secured card again. To be honest I don't know if they are or aren't. Heck, I don't think they know either! LOL. Here's what happened.

    I called Centurion about something related to my checking account and asked how was the progress on the new secured card. The rep said they are offering it now and gave me a phone number to call. That number said call during business hours. So I called the next morning but was told that secured card is not offered. I called some more numbers and was told no secured card. Oh well false alarm I thought. Then I decided to call the next day and was told that a new secured card was available. The rep offered to take my application by phone. But then she told me sorry you must apply by mail. She took my address and said application should arrive soon. To be sure, I hung up and called and got a different rep. This one said no secured card! LOL. I told her about the previous conversation and she dug a little deeper. Then she said "Oh yea here it is!". For the heck of it I asked her to mail me an application. She took my information and said her computer said the app is being mailed. I asked her why didn't she know about the card and she said she didn't know that the offer was now available. Oh well...I am confused! I will let you know if I receive an app in the mail.
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    Did they give you any details surrounding the card? What was the number that you called?
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    Hey your message

    Got your message a couple of pages back about experian credit report. I just got my updated report day before yesterday and had three deletes including a judgement. This is report that MembershipB@nking pulled.One of reason they did not approve was because of judgement. Now that it is off report,I am thinking of applying again for checking acc't. I see that they are offering the new secure card.Does it have a name to it and what kind of secure deposit do they want? Do they have a # to apply for application? More info please.
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    In all honesty, I think the AMEX reps are totally confused! I just called 800 528 4800 and was told the secured card is an Optima that has various APR's depending on the applicants credit. Then I was given a number to call to apply (I forgot what that number was) I called that number and was told no the secured is Blue not Optima. Then I was given 800 600 8542 to apply over the phone. So I called.

    The rep at Blue said the card is only offered when you apply for Blue and denied. She said not all will be offered a secured card when denied. She didn't know the criteria.

    So now I am really confused!! What was the rep who said she was mailing me an application really mailing me? I guess I must wait and see.
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    Either that or just apply for Blue and blow and inquiry to see if they offer secured??? Maybe I'll do some calling and report what I find.
  6. Cadillac408

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    (800) 600-8542?

    Some travel place! Alrightythen....
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    RE: Hey your mess


    See my post below about secured card. It's funny!

    So far so good on my Membership B@nking acct. I called last night and they told me no way will my account will be closed for bad credit. They said the credit check has been done and I'm in. But that's what they told you. LOL..

    I am glad your Experian report no longer has the judgement! Sounds like you are on your way to better deals when it comes to credit!
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    RE: (800) 600-8542?

    Oops! I got mixed-up.. 800-600-2583.
  9. Cadillac408

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    RE: (800) 600-8542?

    Right! Just called and the rep started telling me about the secured Optima. I told her that I thought it was discontinued but she said not to her knowledge??? She then stated that you can't apply for that card over the phone that they can mail you an app. I told her no thanks.
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    Sounds like none of them know exactly what's going on??

  11. Killer

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    RE: (800) 600-8542?

    Oh well I got excited for nothing!! I just see what the future holds.
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    A friend of mine said an Amex rep told her the same thing a few weeks ago! She was told to apply for Blue and then she would be considered for a secured card. So maybe there is some truth to this (or you both spoke to the same rep)?
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    Carrot..You're Kidding!

    Wow! I wonder if I should try it! I wonder if it would be better to apply by phone, internet, or mail? Did your friend have anymore information? If this is true, we need people with various types of credit to apply. We then could see who gets approved, or gets denied with offer for secured card, or gets denied with no further offer. I just wonder if it's true!
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    Thanks for keeping me posted .

    It seems like a loit of confusion I don't know what to do, however that would be really cool if everybody could get the secured card and it was "BLUE"

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