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  1. Sammy

    Sammy Guest

    I have been dealing with for a few months now and have been very pleased with the results. Free checking, VISA check card, etc. The money market pays 5.75%, no minimum. Best I have seen. Try it out.
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: me too but..

    I like them.

    1. Their website is awkward to use and a little archaic in relevance to other OFX based products.

    2. No ATM rebate?? like others. Guess thats a matter of financial profitability though.

    3. Do you think they'll be in business a year or so now? Are they backed by a large financial institution like firstusa-> wingspanbank.

    Thats the real bugger #3 since the fiasco.
  3. S.D.

    S.D. Guest

    RE: me too but..

    I haven't had any problems with them...

    but I haven't been able to access my account online for about a week now. I called customer service and they told me to try again later, since they are looking into the problem. System might be down?
  4. Greg

    Greg Guest

    RE: me too but..

    You can do better with a credit union. Mine pays 6.00 APR with an annual yield of 6.17%
  5. Alwilda Sm

    Alwilda Sm Guest

    RE: me too but..

    Compubank is good, too. I have been with them a few months.

    -Alwilda Smith
  6. Jim S.

    Jim S. Guest

    Security First Network Bank

    I recommend Security First Network Bank. ( I have never had a problem with them. They have ATM rebates. There is no worry about them not being in business next year. They are doing very well.
  7. JacquiG

    JacquiG Well-Known Member

    I agree; mine is the free account, tho. Love the fact that they're local (Alpharetta), so no problems depositing into my credit union account. Mail deposits post the next day. Approved for $1K overdraft line (15%, less than my credit union). Wondering if I should draw on it and pay back in order to build a credit history with them?

    Used the bill payment a couple times on two cc accounts, and they posted in 2 days. Haven't had any problems logging into my account, and I check every other day or so.

    Applied for NetBank and CompuBank on the same day; never received notification that my funding deposit had been received, took two phone calls before they ordered my checkcard (kept saying it would be sent, but it wasn't even ordered!). Kept that account less than a month.
  8. JacquiG

    JacquiG Well-Known Member

    Sorry - that last paragraph refers to CompuBank, not NetBank!

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