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    I'm new and NOT an instant expert!

    I had a rough patch in 2011-2012 where I co-ran two non profits that died a terrible death - I had to work for free for a long period of time to avoid 'personal liability' for some actions gone amuck with the non profit. Though I was the equivalent of the 'finance department', my signature was on all the checks so I was tied to it long after the payroll ran out!

    I have 11 items on my credit report from 2011-2013 that all have been paid off but they show the late payments during that time period. Most are 'charge off' items but paid-in-full.

    I only have 1 item that is active and derogatory, I fell behind on CareCredit a few months back, bad move.

    I have sent Goodwill letters for about 3 weeks to the creditors executives and gotten varying results, some fixing errors, some denying Goodwill adjustments, etc.

    Short of hiring a company or 'disputing everything' what's my next move? Technically everything drops off in the next 2-3 years, in theory, but it would be nice to get this cleaned up as I am TRYING to get FHA ready to buy a house.

    There are two items that are 'collections' and both have declined to be good-willed out.

    Do I continue to mail out letters to those that have declined? Do I continue to mail out letters to those who have not responded? Do I email all?

    I am interested in knowing if I am at the end of my rope or if there are still actions to take as it has been largely unproductive and about $5/week in stamps.

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