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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jambe, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. jambe

    jambe Well-Known Member

    Has anyone seen this? It changed somewhere between the 18th and today. I am undecided yet, but at least they finally give you all of the account details in the printable page.

    There does happen to be an error in that they show the equifax inquiries as being hards...
  2. jambe

    jambe Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, I spoke too soon. The printed view does NOT give the detailed information about hard inquiries, only the name and date.
  3. Platinum

    Platinum Well-Known Member

    That new Equifax report layout is a big mess. I don't like it at all. The inquiry section really sucks !!!
    In my opinion Experian layout is the best one because it's neat, organized and easy to view. TU is so-so. Equifax is the worst one now.
  4. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    Try out the "printable report". I went from 2 pages to 13, and it has ink sucking color all over it.
  5. jambe

    jambe Well-Known Member

    Yes, but now you at least have full account information on that prinout, instead of needing to print each and every account page. Though I do agree the colors are ugly, and I don't need the printout to list the accounts multiple times.

    BTW, you can always just print in black and white only, no need to waste your ink.
  6. lestx

    lestx Well-Known Member

    I like the new format, especially the tradeline catagory breakdown. I also got a 20pt bump when they re-formatted. This new format now says beyond a doubt that EQ now sees my HEL as a mortgage, I never could be sure of this before as the old CW simply tagged it as "real estate-installment"

    EX on the other hand does not see my HEL and real estate loans as a mortgage tradeline, and are quick to tell me this in my fico reasons for not scoring higher "lack of mortgage loan that has always been paid on time"
    (and no I have never been late on my HEL).

    EX's score is a fraud and they are playing games with our tradeline catagorizations. You can have their wonderful format, I'll take the clarity of EQ's new format anyday.

    EQ-(4) mortgage tradlines in good standing
    EX-(0) mortgage tradelines in good standing
    (same TL info on both reports) WTF!!!
  7. 8004me

    8004me Well-Known Member

    The new layout does not show the dates of any lates in the 7 year history category

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