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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GoreyGirl, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. GoreyGirl

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    Before BK, I had a Fingerhut account and bought a few items. Now they've switched banks and sent me a catalog and stated I'm already OK'd for credit because of my former business. They said just order and the account is automatically activated.

    They do, however, want the SS# to assure that the addressee is actually the same person who had the former account. Sounds reasonable BUT this makes me wonder: Even though they say my account is just being transferred to the new bank, will they pull my credit?

    Also, I read somewhere the new card does not report to the bureaus. Why bother if it's not going to help my credit?

    With only $700 a month income everyone else wants my husband's name and income for me to qualify. This would be an excellent chance for me to get a recent open account on my credit reports since the last one was quite a few years ago. As long as they don't want any current info. I would only charge items I could easily pay off and really do need, like a new set of kitchen pots and pans!

    Anyone with info on the new Fingerhut, please post. Thanks in advance.
  2. tmitchell

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    It's not a transfer of the old acct. I had an old acct with them but had to apply for a new acct altogether and it DID generate a hard. It's new ownership completely....

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