New here couple of questions.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Mar 25, 2001.

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    Hi, (1)We are applying for a Construction Loan. My Equifax score was 751 my husbands was 560. The other two reporting agencies had us both at 560. Why? We both have the same credit.
    (2)We did have a dismissed ch13. Two CC have it listed as discharged in Bk/charged off. Wachovia lists it as closed/discharged in bk. Also the SOL is run out. If we apply for a FHA loan with these listing will we have to do a pay off?
    (3) we are in central Fl anyone have a suggestion for a reputable lender?
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    Re: New here couple of questio

    the score difference is probably because something negative didn't show up on your Equifax report, but did show up on your husbands.
    I don't think the FHA will require the loans to be paid off since they were discharged in bankruptcy. If more than 7 years ago you should request the CRA remove the item. If less than 7 years, Jujum or some here who knows more than me can help help you.
    don't know anything about lenders. good luck.

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