New Homeowners get taken at closing

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SofaKing, Aug 22, 2001.

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    That is totally ludicrious! That's the same as marking up shipping! In business one can charge for the cost of shipping a product from a to z, but they cannot mark-up the cost, it is illegal. There are companies that try to do this, and when they are cought, ouch. I cannot believe that the 7th curcuit would uphold such a practice. Then again, there isn't a specific "law" on the books prohibiting the practice. We should all take a few moment now to e-mail our respective congressman asking for a lwa to be enacted to protect homeowners from such STINKING practices.
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    I'm thinking the only way to get some measure of fairness is to get the prices of reports and appraisals in writing way before closing. That way it's still a negotiable item.

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    Why is everyone surprised? They have been doing this for awhile now, at least where I live, here in Virginia. I paid $50 for my credit report (actual cost $15.50). There is a hidden mark-up on reports, seller's costs, recording fees, even financing. It is how the lending institution pays for the broker's commission. Do I know I being screwed? Yes. I even questioned the broker and the realtor and was told this is what everybody pays. And it's true. They know I know what the actual cost of an appraisal is as well as the credit report, but I either pay and get the house or not pay and don't get the house. I don't have a choice of getting another broker, because everything in this area charges the same thing. The only good thing I can contest to is that most of it is tax deductible.

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    I am applying for an FHA loan right now. Cost for the credit reports is $80.00, and cost for the appraisal is $400.00. If it wasn't for limits by FHA on points (maximum 1 point for origination), I am sure I would be paying even more. Sucks.

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