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    MasterCard Issues New Debit Card Identification Standards

    Innovative Hologram Design Presents a Visually Compelling Bankcard While Maintaining the Brand Integrity of Current Member Programs

    Purchase, NY, September 10, 2003 - MasterCard International today introduced a new debit MasterCard card identifier. The updated card standards require MasterCard debit issuers in the United States to utilize a new Debit MasterCard Hologram which features the word â??Debitâ? in the hologram within the MasterCard Identification Area. The requirements apply to U.S. issued MasterCard-branded consumer signature debit, stored-value, electronic benefits transfer, prepaid and payroll cards.

    The approach provides a â??clear and conspicuousâ? method to identify debit MasterCard cards, in line with requirements of the recent settlement of a lawsuit brought against MasterCard and Visa by merchants in the United States.

    â??Our simple, yet elegant, hologram design will clearly, uniquely and uniformly identify debit MasterCard cards, without diminishing the brand integrity and consumer familiarity built-up in current Member debit programs,â? said Richard G. Lyons, Jr., senior vice president, Deposit Access Group, North America, MasterCard International. â??The approach presents a visually compelling differentiator for MasterCard debit issuers, while equipping cardholders with an attractive and distinct bankcard.â?

    The new hologram design solution seamlessly integrates into current card manufacturing processes, as the price per hologram and positioning on MasterCard debit cards does not change. Additionally, the card face otherwise remains unaltered, eliminating the need for MasterCard debit issuers to reorient existing debit program names, or renegotiate standing co-brand agreements with partners. Importantly, the new card leverages existing business practices where merchants check the hologram prior to accepting MasterCard cards for purchases, ensuring proper bankcard identification.

    MasterCard debit issuers and card manufacturers are required to adopt and implement the new hologram design-standard beginning January 1, 2004, and may do so sooner if they choose. Based on the settlement, debit card issuers are required to have 80 percent of their cards re-issued with a new â??Debitâ? identifier by July 1, 2005, 100 percent by January 1, 2007.

    The new debit card identification standards do not affect Maestro, MasterCard International's PIN-based debit brand, or debit MasterCard BusinessCard programs. The hologram design was developed in partnership with American Bank Note Holographics, Inc. (â??ABNHâ?) (OTC Bulletin Board: ABHH) of Elmsford, New York. ABNH produces MasterCard International's current global hologram.

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