New mort - NCO quit, Van Ru in line

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MtnMan, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Our current house (we are renting) is on the market becase we wanted to buy. Qualified for mortgage in July even though NCO was showing as active collection account - showing as "EFR" (violation?) - and no action required by lender.

    Sent cease and desist (communicate in writing only) to NCO while deciding to validate or settle (I know, but since we are so close to home purchase). Within 2 weeks (this past weekend) I received a collection notice from Van Ru for same account.

    1) Van Ru isn't reporting to CRAs yet, but I am curious if I should send the validation anyway.

    2) It is showing the OC under the "Creditors" column - can I assume that the OC still owns it?

    3) Merged CR shows approx. $1500 balance, CAs show approx $3200. If I end up settling (with all the necessary precautions, ie: language protects me, requires completion deletion, not reassigning, etc), can I offer at 50% the $1500?

    4) What is the best place online to have unlimited access to all 3 CRA reports? I have an old creditexpert account with Experian for my wife, but I want all 3 CRA reports available.

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    5) Does the mini miranda apply to every phone call, even voicemail? If so, I have NCO on at least 6 or 7 violations.

    6) During the last phone call (my wife is guilty of talking to them) the rep said "You're sued" and hung up. This is obviously not the case and might be a violation. I am unsure as to the language regarding this area of the law. Any advice?

    I would love to nail NCO, but want to have a fairly air-tight case before moving in that direction.
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    What better way to KEEP them off your report?

    No - how is it reporting?

    If you have time, I would validate first. How old is the debt? What sounds "closer to right"?

    Most everybody swears by privacyguard.

    I believe the website is .

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    Re: Re: New mort - NCO quit, Van Ru in line



    COST IS $89.95??? ($1.00 for 3 months)???

    NO SCORE???

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