New NN, Speigel, Eddie Bauer Card

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Desdemona

    Desdemona Well-Known Member

    Has any one with an old NN (Newport News), Speigel, Eddie Bauer been issued a new card through World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB)?

    Just saw it my lastest NN catalog. Gives a 800 number saying apply today.

    I have an closed FCNB NN account with a $4100 limit I would love to have open again.
  2. Questy

    Questy Well-Known Member

    BEWARE! of New Eddie Bauer Card

    I was searching the forum myself looking for anyone who had any experience with the "new" Eddie Bauer card. I had the old Eddie Bauer card, never missed a payment, paid it off early.

    When I came upon an ad on their web site for the new card I called and asked for one. They didn't take much info over the phone, and it really didn't even seem to me like a new application process.

    Well two weeks later I have received my rejection letter. The only reason given is that my credit report shows a bk.

    Yes, my BK is over 7 years old. And I have established credit over the years since then. I had the old Eddie Bauer card, I didn't even ask for it, they asked me if I wanted it! I never had an issue with the card. Sounds like this new company "World Financial Network National Bank" automatically black lists you for a BK.

    I called Eddie Bauer customer service, I knew they probably wouldn't do much, but I at least was hoping for the satisfaction of giving them my story. I did at least get to a supervisor who lend a sympathetic ear while I ranted a bit. He transferred me to a World Financial Network National Bank operator. She was most unhelpful. Basically said that if I have something to say address it to the address at the bottom of the rejection letter.

    What is both sad and frustrating about this, as I stated to the customer service supervisor, my relationship is with Eddie Bauer, not World Financial Network National Bank. The frustration of a rejection letter, not to mention a wasted inquiry on the CR, will leave a bitter taste in my mouth towards Eddie Bauer.
  3. dacoldest

    dacoldest Well-Known Member

    BEWARE! of New Eddie Bauer Card

    Yep I think World Financial black list everyone with a bankruptcy. I applied for 2 different store cards with them and the only reason for rejection was Bankruptcy. So save your inquires people. Sad part of all this is they have taken over many retail accounts.
  4. Hope

    Hope Well-Known Member

    BEWARE! of New Eddie Bauer Card

    My son had the old Speigel card. Since they're bank went under he's gotten both a Speigel and Eddie Bauer pre-approval.

    He declines to accept either one as it would now bring his average age of accounts down. Their loss.
  5. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    BEWARE! of New Eddie Bauer Card

    I shop a lot at Eddie Bauer. I had their card when it was FCNB. I have received several pre-approvals from WFNNB, but have not sent it in or called. For one, I receive better discounts using my Amex or Chase card. Second, the interest rate is SKY HIGH @ something like 22.8%. I had 18% when I had my previous Eddie Bauer account and I thought THAT was high.
  6. chuckd

    chuckd Active Member

    I used to work for WFNNB in their collections department (I'm not a bad guy though ;-))
    I'd not recommend getting a card there... their collections department is horrible, almost as bad as a CA (not to say you'll ever go past due, but just in case)
    Also, the terms are horrible
    Bad APR, low credit limits
  7. Questy

    Questy Well-Known Member

    Re: New NN, Speigel, Eddie Bauer Ca

    That's really sad to hear. Eddie Bauer as a company has served me, and my family, well. Most consumers will see the name Eddie Bauer on the credit card, and any problems with the card will be seen as problems with Eddie Bauer. The Eddie Bauer / Spiegel company has had it's difficulties, and this will only add to it.

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