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  1. c5kirk

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    My wife received the following today and I thought I'd pass it along in case anyone is interested. Also, I'd love to get some feedback from the group on what you think about this, especially if you are using it (although I think it's fairly new so that may be hard to find). FYI, my wife and I have both used Lex and have both been extremely pleased with the service and results.

    ///// Begin letter from Lexington /////

    Dear Client,

    Fantabulous News!!!

    Here at Lexington we are constantly developing sensational new ways to effectively and efficiently restore your credit. We realize in the process that not everyone's credit needs are the same. That is why we are writing you to tell you about a new program you can add to your current Credit Repair service called "Lexington Plus."

    You may not know this, but 25% of Lexington's gross revenues are dedicated each month to developing new and better strategies to repair credit and improve the credit scores of our clients. At present, we are poised to leap far beyond traditional credit repair. We have had insider information as to
    what makes your credit report and credit score tick. After testing them for the last several months, we're now ready to make these killer methods available to our clients.

    The Lexington Plus plan adds features to our traditional Credit Repair program. Here is some of the extra firepower you can look forward to by
    adding this new program:

    1) Creditor Direct - This method is contacting the creditors directly and gives a faster, better result. In other words, we take on your creditors in addition to the bureaus.

    2) Credit Score Rapid Improvement - Lexington Law has done extensive research into the complex formula which produces your credit score (also
    known as a FICO, Beacon or Emperica score.) By applying proven methods and techniques which quickly boost your score, this new plan has the best
    possible shot at getting you financing - statistically all within 90 days, do or die.

    3) Credit Coaching and Education Package - While our traditional service offers sterling client relations (as you have no doubt discovered,) with this new program you will be given a Lex Plus Account Representative who will be responsible for the analysis and strategizing of your program
    implementation This account rep will be in constant contact with you on the progress being made as well as coaching and counseling along the way.

    The cost of adding the new Plus program is an additional retainer fee of $395 and a total program fee of $150 per month (that includes the current
    $35 you are paying for the Credit Repair program.) This is due to the paralegal-intensive nature of the Lexington Plus program.

    For many, the traditional Lexington Credit Repair Program will be the complete answer to their needs. Experts would agree: the Lexington Credit repair retainer is the best credit repair service that has ever existed in this country. If you choose to stay with simply your current service, know that we are bringing revolutionary advancements to that program as well in the future.

    However, if you are extremely urgent about your credit repair, to the point that you'd like to pay more to receive the added service and techniques of the Lexington Plus Program, please call uS or reply to this email.

    Thank You,

    Lexington Law Firm

    ///// End letter from Lexington /////
  2. ledo

    ledo Well-Known Member

    thanks c5kirk.

    this was what i was writing about yesterday. i think the program looks good however i'm not in a position to fork $400 for a retainer and $150 per month. if i could only get a better idea of how long it would take to delete some of my negative items it would be easier for me to gage if i could afford this service however its challenging to shell out money like this if it takes a year to clean my report. but then again desperate times call for desperate measures.
  3. c5kirk

    c5kirk Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean. The only thing in there that even alludes to how long it might take for this program to work is under item #2 where it says...

    "By applying proven methods and techniques which quickly boost your score, this new plan has the best
    possible shot at getting you financing - statistically all within 90 days, do or die."

    I take that to mean that this program should work within 90 days or not at all. Personally, if I was looking at shelling out $845 ($395 retainer + 3 months at $150/month)... I'd almost need a guarantee of some sort that my score would increase ## number of points, but I realize that nobody can make that guarantee given the fact that nobody is really positive how the scores are figured.

    However, given my past experience with Lexington I'm sure that it is a good product if you need to get your score up in a hurry. I hope that somebody out there tries it and lets us know the results.

  4. jason

    jason Well-Known Member

    You're right about them not being able to guarantee results.

    However, this new approach is really good. I would go with it for 90 days, then decide whether to keep it for another month. I would go 120 days max, then drop back to the regular eClient (if you still need to clean up a few remaining negatives.)

    Remember, many "negatives" on your credit report don't do that much damage to your score. This "Lexington Plus" program will zero in on the negs that are doing the damage and it won't worry as much about the ones that aren't.

    Also, I know that a big part of Lexington Plus is coaching the client to improve the FICO score by conditioning the credit report (not just deleting the negatives.) There's a ton that can be done to improve your score just by dropping certain accounts, keeping others, deleting inquiries and paying down certain balances to a certain point.

    The rumor is that these guys got information from the credit bureaus themselves on how to do this. So far, I know that it's realy kicking butt.
  5. ledo

    ledo Well-Known Member

    I'd raise your ## to ### for me (LOL). I must admit it is quite tempting....hmmn the internal debate in my mind goes on. Since it is a new program, I will definitely revisit this program in the future.
  6. c5kirk

    c5kirk Well-Known Member


    I notice in your post you mention deleting inquiries. I take that to mean to with this new program inquiry challenges are part of the deal? That's one thing I never quite understood about the eClient program. Inquiries seem to have a fairly significant effect on your score but they have never been challenged as part of eClient. Tried challenging directly with the creditors on my own once but got no results going that route. I might give this new program a closer look if removing inquiries is a significant part of it.

    Also, do you know if this program is something that is just being marketed to current clients for the time being or is it open to anybody? The reason I ask is that I haven't seen it advertised anywhere on the Lex website and I purposely omitted the Phone # and email address that were included in that original letter I posted because I wasn't sure if it was open to everybody or not. If it is I will go ahead and post that info. in case anybody wants it.

    Thanks for your post.

  7. jason

    jason Well-Known Member

    You should check with Lex, but I'm pretty sure that challenging inquiries is part of the deal.

    Also, the Lexington Plus program is open to anyone. Call 800-653-9529 if you're interested.
  8. Illini

    Illini Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have experience with these guys? Is it worth it and do they do a good job?
  9. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Well, one of the most interesting aspects of one of the posts here is the one that states:

    "Experts would agree that"

    Well, I'd sure like to know what experts would agree.

    Unless it is known what experts and being able to get their actual testimony, it's just a meaningless advertising phrase.

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