New Year's Resolutions?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JoshuaHeckathorn, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    Anyone care to share their credit-related New Year's Resolutions?

    I plan to consolidate my credit card use and actually close a few accounts this year. While I never carry balances on any of my cards, I do carry quite a few credit cards in my wallet - 11 to be exact. The British Airways card and one of my old Citicard's will both be getting the axe. Shouldn't have too much of an effect on my credit utilization at all, and the BA card has a big annual fee that I'm not willing to pay again.

    What about you?
  2. Mr.G

    Mr.G Member

    My Resolution is to continue to work on my credit score as i have been for the past few months so i can buy this loft that I've been looking at.
  3. Heather L

    Heather L Well-Known Member

    I am on my journey of rebuilding my credit. My husband and I are planning in purchasing a new home within the next two years. I need to apply for two more accounts and start using them responsibly. Pay them off every month and my balances will only be 10% or less of the credit limit. Thanks! Heather with BoostMyScore.NET
  4. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    A noble goal Mr. G. It's an awesome time to buy in most parts of the country. Hopefully we can provide some help and support for you along the way.
  5. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    Good luck! Which two credit cards are you interested in this year?
  6. Heather L

    Heather L Well-Known Member

    I am was thinking about the CapOne Venture and Chase Slate. These might be out of my reach right now. I think I need to give it a little bit more time with my other cards. Thanks! Heather with BoostMyScore.NET
  7. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    I love the Venture Card- use it myself. 2% on everything, and it's very easy to redeem miles. If your FICO scores aren't above 700 yet, I would wait until they are before applying.

    What other cards do you currently use? Just curious...
  8. Heather L

    Heather L Well-Known Member

    I am very close to a 700 score. I will wait until then to apply for the Venture card.

    I have two Capital One Platinum cards right now. One with a very small credit limit and the another with descent credit limit. My plan in the hold on to the small credit limit card for a year and then apply for another one and close it. It might temporary lower my credit score with the lose of payment history but in the long run I think will be better to have two "real" credit cards instead of keeping the starter credit card open. Thanks! Heather with BoostMyScore.NET

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