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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by greeneyez, Jun 9, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    First of all--thank you so much for the wealth of information and support on this forum. So my credit sucks. Big time. I could go into the horrible details of the past, but I'd rather focus on what I can do now. I've admitted my credit screws the badger, and I've been reading, reading, and reading. I have ordered copies of my credit report, and have some questions regarding "Date opened," and "date of status." For example, this is what came up on my Experian Credit report:

    According to the date opened...I would like to dispute this, seeing it's over 7 years old. Is this correct? Can I dispute that? Or not? Because the "date of status" is april 2013.
    (From DTE...a utility company):

    Date opened: 2009
    First reported: Mar 2009
    Date of Status: Apr 2013
    Type: Utility
    Terms: 1 month
    Monthly payment: Not reported
    Credit limit or orignial amount: 1,198
    High Balance: not reported
    Recent Balance: $403 as of Aug 2015
    Responsibility: Individual
    Status: Closed
    Comment: Account closed at a consumer's request

    Thank you so much for your input!!!
  2. JoshuaHeckathorn

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    Welcome to Creditnet greeneyez! Glad you found us and are finding the information here useful to you. Sorry to hear about your credit though. I hope we can help you along the way as you work to build it back up!

    Is this an Experian credit report? CRA's use different terminology, but I believe Date of Status should mean when the account went delinquent. If that date is incorrect, I would suggest disputing it. I wouldn't get caught up worrying too much about what's being reported as the date opened though, as that has no effect on when the account will drop off your credit reports.

    Looks like this was a utility bill that was closed with a balance? Is the debt with a collection agency now?
  3. jam237

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    Open Date can be over 7 years; think of it this way, if you are 100 years old, and you opened an account on your 18th birthday, the Open Date would be 82 years ago.

    On a collection account, Open Date can be either the OC's open date, or the CA's open date... If it's the CA's open date, you have an interesting look where the date of status or date of first delinquency is older than the account was open...

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